Family Wish Lists

What Is "Family Wish Lists"?

The Family Wish Lists is a website where family members can put a list of things that they wish they had. Although Christmas is the holiday used to show how this works, the Family Wish Lists website is useful for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other gift-giving event or holiday.

Now we'll take a look at how it works. Let's consider the Smith family and how they used Family Wish Lists for Christmas 2005. In this example, Bill Smith has decided on a few things he would like for Christmas and has put them on his wish list, as shown in the sample display below. Notice the "Add Item", "Edit", and "Del" buttons on the right side of Bill's list. By clicking on these buttons Bill can add more items to his list or edit or delete existing items.

Bill doesn't see the comments made about his wish list

Now for the fun part. When someone else looks at Bill's wish list, they see the display shown below. In this example, Kelly has signed into the Family Wish Lists website and clicked on Bill's name (in the list of members) and she sees the items that Bill has put on his wish list and she also sees the comments that other family members have made about the items. As you can see, some of the comments are practical (like "Done", meaning the person has picked that item to give to Bill) and some of the comments are humorous. If Kelly wants to add a comment to one of the items on Bill's list she clicks on the "Add Comment" button and enters her comment. Kelly's comment will automatically show her name in parenthesis at the end of the comment.

Giftlist and comments
Kelly sees Bill's wish list and all of the comments made by other family members

Other useful features:

URLs and Product Codes: Display URL link and/or product code on your gift list.

Birthdays: Displays a calendar showing member birthdays.

Birthday Alerts:You can request to receive an alert email that lists upcoming birthdays - a good way make sure you don't forget an important birthday!

Member Login Alerts: You can request to receive an email alert when another member logs in to the site. This can be a helpful indicator that the other member is adding a gift to their list.

Security: User's log in to the website using their unique username and password and they are able to see the wish lists for their family but not the wish lists for any other families. In addition, each family has a designated Wish List Manager who can make corrections to lists and comments, if needed.

Click on "How To Get Started", on the menu bar at the top of this page, to see how your family can create it's Family Wish Lists website.