Family Wish Lists

Terms of Use


Each family member, prior to receiving a username and password, must complete a form stating that they agree to the 'Terms of Use' as listed herein.  Whether or not any of the 'Terms of Use' have been violated shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Family Wish Lists administrator.  Anyone who violates any of the 'Terms of Use' listed herein will be restricted from use of this website.

Family Wish Lists is intended for family use and will be viewed by family members of all ages.  Please use appropriate language when entering your wish list and comments.  Users who see inappropriate use of the site are requested to contact their family list manager or the Family Wish Lists administrator using the "Contact" button on the home page.

Family Wish Lists reserves the right to remove any items or comments that the Family Wish Lists administrator deems inappropriate and, if necessary, will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Privacy Policy

Family Wish Lists recognizes the importance of your privacy.  The purpose of Family Wish Lists is to allow people to share their wish list only with other family members.  Therefore, we have incorporated usernames and passwords to prevent unauthorized people from viewing your personal information.  The information that we collect and the steps we take to protect this information is briefly described below.

Family Wish Lists will collect the name and email address of family members when they join their family group.  This information is required to insure that only family members have access to the family's site content.  When a family member joins the family group they are given a username and password.  When a person attempts to access the family's site content they must provide a valid username and password.

Family Wish Lists will not publish or release information about its website users to third parties for any purpose.


Family Wish Lists is designed to allow people to share their wish lists with other family members.   Any and all family information provided in Family Wish Lists, such as names, email addresses, wish lists and comments, is supplied by the family members and Family Wish Lists is not responsible or liable for the content or accuracy of the information. Anyone using this site releases Family Wish Lists from any liability associated with its use.