Family Wish Lists

Getting Started is Easy - Three Simple Steps

Getting your family or group started on Family Wish Lists is a simple three-step process.

Step 1 - Request a Group Password

Send an email to requesting a group password. Include the name of your group (eg, "The Smith Family"). You will receive a temporary group password by email.

Step 2 - Become the First Member to Join the Group

Join Family Group

Member Sign In

Enter your group password in the box titled "Join Family Group" on the home page of the Family Wish Lists website and select "Join". Complete the registration form and select "Submit Registration". When the registration form has been completed and submitted, confirmation email is automatically sent to the group member's email address. The group member must then click on the "Accept" button, in the body of the email, in order to activate their membership in the group. After joining a group you sign in to the website by selecting the "Sign In" button in the "Member Sign In" box on the home page.

The first person to join the group becomes the manager of the group and will have manager privileges. This allows you to select the "Manager" option after you log in. As Manager, you can change the group password, create a group title and introduction, and edit/delete member gifts and comments.

Step 3 - Invite Other Members to Join the Group

Now that your group is registered the manager can send introductory emails to other family members inviting them to join the group by simply entering the group password in the "Join Family Group" box on the home page and following the instructions.