Family Wish Lists

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Family Wish Lists be useful to my family?

The Family Wish Lists website is a place for your family to keep their wish lists for all other family members to see. The benefits are many: simplifies shopping, prevents unwanted gifts, minimizes gift returns, makes sure the size is right, etc. The fun side of Family Wish Lists is that it allows other family members to make unsolicited comments about items on other lists. Families have found it very helpful and a fun way to stay in contact throughout the year.

What does the "list manager" do?

Each family designates one person to be the list manager. The "list manager" then registers the family with Family Wish Lists and sends the "group password" to other family members so they can join the group and enter their wish list and make comments. That is the primary responsibility of the "list manager" but the "list manager" can also edit or delete member information and member gift lists and comments.

How much does it cost for a family?

The website is free to use and there is no limit on the number of family members. See How To Get Started.

After joining my family group I cannot log in?

After you submitted the 'Join Family Group' form, your member status is 'Pending'. You must contact your family's list manager and request them to change your status to 'Active'. The list manager must then log in and select the 'Manager' option. Then, the list manager can select your name from the list of family members and change your status from 'Pending' to 'Active'.

Is our family information secure?

Yes. Each family has a group password that prevents outsiders from tampering with your lists. In addition, each family member has a unique password that allows only them to put items on their wish list.

Can a family member see the comments that others have made on their list?

No, when someone selects their own list to view, the comments are not shown. The only way a person can see the comments made on their list is to login as another family member and view their own list. This would require them knowing another family members username and password. Since spouses or parents may know another username and password (other than their own), it is possible to peek at the comments on their own list - we also rely on the "honor system".

After I have entered an item on my list, can I change it?

Yes, when you view your list, in the right-side column, next to each item, there is an edit and delete button.

Can I change a comment that I have made on an item on someone elses list?

You cannot change or delete a comment directly. You can request your "list manager" to modify or delete a comment.